Weekend warriors will occasionally injure themselves.  Because they are not professional athletes they do not have trainers, physical therapists, and doctors available to help them the way that professional athletes do.  However, if you have Medical Insurance, you should be able to take advantage of excellent treatment; it just won’t be in your locker room.

One of the things you might want to try and avoid, if possible, is taking your injury to your local emergency room.  Most Medical Insurance policies today will offer you very reasonable co-pay for a visit to an urgent care facility.  I am suggesting the urgent care facility over the ER because the ER could end up costing you a lot of money even if you have Medical Insurance.  Your Medical Insurance carrier will require you to pay your deductible and any applicable co-insurance when you visit the emergency room.  And, if you are not admitted nor have surgery your Medical Insurance carrier will also require you to pay a “facility fee” in addition to your deductible and co-insurance.    If you don’t have any Medical Insurance it would still be a better choice to go to an urgent care place than the emergency room.

There are some new Medical Insurance policies that are offering“emergency room co-pay”.   The Medical Insurance provider BlueCross/BlueShield of Florida has a plan called the 598 which offers a $300 emergency room co-pay.  It’s pretty simple the way it works.  If you go to the emergency room whatever charges are incurred you would pay the $300.  The $300 does not go toward the deductible and you would need to pay it each and every time you used the services of an emergency room.  The 598 plan is a great option for weekend warriors and families with kids.

If you have sustained an injury, oh, let’s say by playing touch football, most likely you will need some physical therapy once the orthopedic doctors have done what they need to do.  Your Medical Insurance policy most likely will offer you a co-pay for physical therapy.  Some Medical Insurance policies limit the number of times you may go to physical therapy so be sure to read your policy carefully.  Cleveland Clinic has a blog post with questions and answers.  Here’s a great one about muscles strains and sprains.  “Q: How soon after a muscle strain or sprain can I begin exercising again?  A: For muscle sprain or strain, active exercise and stretching is typically necessary to help reduce pain and encourage healing.  It is advisable to start stretching as soon as possible.”

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