There is a new U.S. Government program called Million Hearts.  It seeks to prevent 1 million strokes and heart attacks over the next five years.

Medical Insurance will surely be a big financial help if you or a loved one has a stroke.  After all it will, after you pay your Medical Insurance deductible and co-insurance, cover the hospital stay, physical therapy, speech therapy, walkers, canes, in home therapy and a host of other expenses that come with a stroke. Also, because of health care reform, all Medical Insurance policies issued since September 23, 2010 come with unlimited yearly and life time major Medical Insurance coverage.  That means that no matter how high the bills get or for how long, your Medical Insurance has got your back.

My question is this…. what can I do to prevent ever having a stroke?  The financial bill is hugh, the recovery long and painful but it’s the physical indignities associated with a stroke that, for me anyway, makes it one of the most feared illnesses. does a nice job of explaining exactly what a stroke is: “Stroke is a medical emergency and the third leading cause in the U.S.  It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts or, more commonly, when a blockage develops.  Without treatment, cells in the brain quickly begin to die.  T he result can be serious disability or death.  If a loved one is having stroke symptoms, seek emergency medical attention without delay.”  On the way to the hospital make sure you have your Medical Insurance card because you’re going to need it.

A stroke is one of the reasons people buy Medical Insurance.  A stroke is very expensive to treat.  But the biggest concern of all is, what if I survive a stroke?  Then what happens?  How long before I can work?  Will I be able to work?  How long in therapy? Will I need outpatient therapy?  Without Medical Insurance the bills can easily be upwards of a quarter of a million dollars.  Yes it’s great to have Medical Insurance so you can have doctor co-pays, prescription coverage, well-care visits, allergy shots, blood tests and all the wonderful things Medical Insurance helps to pay for.  But a stroke?  If you were unfortunate enough to have one, along with the physical problems, a stroke would put you into a financial situation that would take years, maybe a lifetime to recover from if you did not carry Medical Insurance. explains the program Million Hearts and offers some suggestions to keep strokes away: the “program encourages people to learn and follow their ABCs: aspirin for people at risk; blood pressure control; cholesterol management; and smoking cessation.”

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