Shopping around for Health Insurance Quotes is not quite as much fun as a trip to the dentist.  And it seems as though there are all those confusing rules.  Like height and (ugh) weight, medications, and pre-existing conditions.  And, how come there are so many different plans and the prices for the Medical Insurance premiums vary so much?  Most important, do I have to meet the deductible before I can see my gynecologist?  Suppose the Medical Insurance plan I choose has a $5000 deductible. Will I need to spend $5000 before the Medical Insurance company spends any money?  If that’s true, why even have Medical Insurance?  Is a High Deductible Health Plan the best option for me? What happens if I feel really terrible and I go to the Emergency Room?   How do I know my doctor even takes this Medical Insurance?  What happens if I don’t have enough money to pay the Medical Insurance one month?  Is this a yearly contract?

Here at Insurance Medics we get these questions every day.  We will be happy to shop Health Insurance Quotes to find the best Medical Insurance plan for you for the least amount of money and our services are free.  Thats, right, free.  You have to do your part though.  You have to call us so we can you to get the best Health Insurance Quotes that are available.

Now, let’s give those Medical Insurance questions some answers.  If you have never had anything but group Medical Insurance before it can be kind of scary buying Medical Insurance plans on your own.  Group Medical Insurance is automatically issued so you don’t have to qualify for it.  You must qualify for individual medical insurance and the carriers want to know all about your health records.  They sometimes will go back 10 years.  They will want to know if you take any prescriptions.  Any surgeries.  Your height and weight and don’t fudge that by more than a couple of pounds.

The Health Insurance Quotes themselves vary depending upon what Medical Insurance benefits the Medical Insurance plan has.  Usually a Medical Insurance plan with very few benefits and high deductibles and co-insurance will have the lowest Medical Insurance premiums.  When looking at different medical insurance health plans its important to know what your total out of pocket expense would be if you were hospitalized.  For instance if you have a medical insurance plan with a $1500 deductible and then another $2000 in co-insurance you would have a total out of pocket expense of $3500 if you were hospitalized or had surgery or paid a visit the ER.  That does not include the monthly Medical Insurance premiums.

All Medical Insurance plans must offer you a free mammogram and pap smear every year without meeting the deductible.  Choose a plan with doctor co-pays?  You don’t have to meet the deductible to go to the doctor and pay just the co-pay.  You have a 30 day grace period if you are a little short on paying the monthly Medical Insurance premium.  Finally, you may cancel your Medical Insurance at any time.  It is not a yearly contract.  One last tip:  if you are thinking of having a baby you must add a maternity rider to the Medical Insurance policy.  Most carriers have a waiting period before you may become pregnant and you are not eligible for individual coverage and neither is the father if you are currently pregnant.  When thinking about Health Insurance Quotes be sure to consider these factors.