Ever wonder what happens to all those forms you fill out when you go see your doctor?  What about all the paperwork that your doctor fills out for your Medical Insurance provider?  Hospitals…. paper work city all going to your Medical Insurance provider.  Same for the ER.  Come to think of it I don’t think any of us can ever remember seeing any kind of medical professional without paper work being filed out.  Doesn’t matter if you have Medical Insurance or if you don’t have Medical Insurance.  The same reports will be still be generated. And, you probably think it all goes to the same place, your Medical Insurance provider.  Not so fast, Jack.

All the reports, all the charts, all the forms, all the prescription records, all the hospital stays, and all the ER visits all go to the same place.  The Medical Information Bureau or MIB.  When you fill out an application for Medical Insurance you are giving permission for the Medical Insurance carrier to check your medical records.  But, you say, I don’t want just anyone looking at my private medical records.  And, in a free country that is your right.  It is also the right of the Medical Insurance provider to inform you that since you won’t agree to allow them to look at your medical history, they are exercising their rights and are denying you coverage .

The Medical Information Bureau is located in Braintree, Massachusetts.  It is a mutual-benefit nonprofit corporation.  You might be thinking that the MIB must be a fairly new corporation maybe beginning with the start of computers.  And you would be very wrong.  The MIB has been in existence since 1909 and busily gathering records for the Medical Insurance carriers, and life insurance providers.  Wikipedia tells us about the MIB, “MIB Group, Inc (formerly the Medical Information Bureau Inc.) is a cooperative data exchange formed by the North American life insurance industry in 1909.  MIB is the only insurance consumer reporting agency in North America and operates a database of medical information on individuals who have previously applied for Medical Insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance.”

There are many applications in which the insurance industry uses the data collected by the MIB. One of those applications is to help a Medical Insurance provider decide if they want to take the risk of insuring you.  Has a Medical Insurance provider recently denied you coverage and you are wondering what might be in your records?   You may obtain a free copy of your file by calling 866-692-6901.  For more information about getting your Medical Insurance records from the MIB please follow this link: mib.com.

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