From new research is suggesting that men who drink plenty of low-sugar fluids may reduce their risk for bladder cancer.  Researchers are theorizing that fluids may flush out cancer-causing agents before they have a chance to cause any damage.  Research also shows that men who drank 10 cups of low sugar fluids per day had a 24% reduced risk of bladder cancer.

Men that have Medical Insurance should take advantage of the no-cost annual well care check up offered by Medical Insurance providers.  The earlier bladder cancer is detected, the better shot you have to beat it.  If you are a white male you have a much better chance than any other race of developing bladder cancer.  When you go to visit your doctor for your annual checkup one of the tests they do is a urinalysis.  Remember, most Medical Insurance for individuals today allows you to have a yearly check up without meeting your deductible.  That means that if you have a $1500 deductible on your Medical Insurance policy you would not have to pay that to have a checkup.  If your Medical Insurance policy was purchased after September 23, 2010 you will also not pay doctor co-pay when you go in for your check up.  Some medical insuran ce carriers, like BlueCross/BlueShield of Florida offer free lab work.  What that means is that if your doctor orders a urinalysis test you not pay for the lab work.

Most bladder cancer is first detected by a urinalysis.  Urine (hematuria) is the first warning sign of bladder cancer.  The urine may be a very pale red/yellow or there may actually be small drops of blood in the urine.  Some other symptoms of bladder cancer are pain during urination and urinating small amounts frequently.  Symptoms that may indicate more advanced bladder cancer are pain it the lower back and around the kidneys and swelling in the lower legs.

We all have Medical Insurance for the peace of mind it provides should something awful and unexpected occur.  There are some things you can do to prevent bladder cancer from ever happening to you.  Here are some tips from

“Quit smoking.  Avoid exposure to industrial chemicals, such as benzene substances and arylamines.  Occupational exposure from working with dyes, rubbers, textiles, paints, leathers, and chemicals increases the risk of developing bladder cancer.  Avoid exposure to arsenic.  Have your drinking water tested, and/or drink bottled water if you think that your water is contaminated with arsenic. Eat a healthy diet.”

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