Many employers are cutting or eliminating health insurance for employees. Some are just not covering any one but the employee and dropping dependent coverage and some are dropping employee coverage all together. With the passage of the Health Care Reform Act Insurance companies are no longer accepting child only policies. That means that a child must have at least one other person on the plan 19 or older. For most people who have had employee insurance all of their working lives health insurance can be confusing. The most important thing to remember is that you can get an individual family plan along with high deductible health plans and still receive benefits before you meet the deductible. Today all plans must offer well care visits (checkups) for both adults and children. Those high deductible health plans will usually allow for you to have doctor visit co-pays and prescription coverage without meeting the deductible. A lot of carriers are also offering extra protection with high deductible health plans. They are usually referred to as optional benefits. A supplement accident benefit is an excellent example of optional benefits. The amounts vary but lets say you add a $2500.00 rider to one of the high deductible health plans available today. Your daughter has a fall off her bike and you go to the ER. The first $2500.00 of the charges will be paid by the accident rider and the deductible will not apply. By careful planning with a knowledgeable licensed agent you should be able to find an individual family plan that works for you. Health insurance premiums are directly affected by the deductible and high deductible health plans will protect you and your family and help you stay within your budget.