At the App store for iPhone there are 169 apps just for information about healthcare and what might ail you. One hundred and sixty nine applications.

A lot are exercise, food, and anxiety focused.

Here are some of the apps I found really amazing.

Pulsphotometer costs $4.99.  What does it do? “It looks like a kind of magic!  Measure your heart rate with the webcam. Pulsphotometer examines the image data from a webcam that records your face.  Sophisticated algorithms analyze the color information and calculate your heart rate.”  Medical insurance plans (some of them) have co pays for E visits.  Know what E visits are?  You can send a picture via email to your doctor of a cut, or a burn or…. your heart rate and if you need a prescription he can email the pharmacy the RX and you need not ever put yourself in his office.  Here’s an even better option.  If you don’t need the prescription right away you can opt for mail delivery to your home which is also offered by your Medical Insurance provider.  Now you don’t even need to put your shoes on or use any gas in your car to get the prescription.

Here’s a good one for all you party animals out there.  You know the holidays are coming up and this guy could prove handy.  Blood Alcohol Calculator costs $0.99.  “A quick and easy calculator to find your blood alcohol content.  Using the scientific Widmark formula, you can easily get an estimate of y our blood alcohol content based on male/female, weight, your drinks, and how long you have been drinking.  This app is for entertainment purposes only and the results may not be accurate.  Please do not base any decisions off of this app.”  What a great stocking stuffer!  And, I should point out, if you do not currently have Medical Insurance, you will find it extremely difficult to get if you have a DUI.

Fido looking not so good?  Well, our furry friends have not been forgotten, no sir.

iVet Calculators & Drugs costs $9.99.  “iVet Veterinary Calculators & Drugs is an application for Mac computers with more than 10 different kinds of calculators used in small animal veterinary and a complete Veterinary Drug Formulary with more than 600 drugs.”  Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to pick up some Medical Insurance for Fido.

Saving the best for last in our review here… Heart Check: Heart Attack & Sudden Death Prevention Costs $3.99 “This application can save your life!  Test your heart with Heart Check, recognize the warning signals our bodies send out and eliminate the risk of a heart attack happening to you unexpectedly!”  Are you kidding?  This one doesn’t even come with a disclaimer that it might not be entirely accurate.  Perhaps Medical Insurance carriers can just eliminate all those expensive heart tests and just include one of these babies’s with every Medical Insurancee policy.  Actually, that’s not such a bad idea…

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