Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar causes serious health problems for people with diabetes.  Diabetes is a perfect example of why Medical Insurance is so important.  If properly taken care of diabetes is manageable and to keep diabetes manageable you really need a good Medical Insurance plan.

The phrase “good Medical Insurance plan” is really important.  I would like to tell you a little true story about a client of mine.  She is in her mid-forties and for much of her life she had group Medical Insurance.  When we met she was between jobs and getting different Health Insurance Quotes.  I suggested some different plans to her that I thought would offer her excellent major Medical Insurance.  At the time she was in good health and had received some Health Insurance Quotes from a carrier that I did not represent and the premiums were quite a bit lower than the health insurance quotes I had given her.  I had heard of the Medical Insurance carrier with the lower premiums and nothing that I heard was good.  I begged this lady not to take the Medical Insurance policy with that particular carrier.  I told her that the coverage wasn’t that great but she said she was healthy and wanted to save money on the monthly health insurance premium.

About six months after this conversation I rece ived another phone call from her.  When I answered the phone she was literally crying on her end of the phone.  After we had last spoken she had gone ahead and enrolled in the Medical Insurance that I warned her about.  This had taken place before health care reform and health insurance carriers could still put limits on how much they would pay out both yearly and lifetime.  What with the stress of being unemployed and all that that brings she had had a heart attack.  While she was being treated in the hospital her doctors discovered that she had diabetes.  Her bargain Medical Insurance plan?  Had a $10000 limit on what they would pay for heart attacks. Period.  They also had a yearly limit of $50000.  Wait, it gets worse.  After her Medical Insurance carrier paid what they were going to pay she owed in excess of $50000.  And because she now had a medical history of a heart attack and diabetes she was not qualified for individual Medical Insurance EVER and in order to have any Medical Insurance at all she had to keep the plan she had.  Be cautious and thoughtful when purchasing Medical Insurance.  You just might have to keep the Medical Insurance you select always.  Life is filled with uncertainties.  That’s why we purchase Medical Insurance in the first place, to give us peace of mind when those uncertainties occur.

Medical Insurance