If you are one of the unfortunate people who suffers from migraine headaches, you may be wondering exactly what you can do to handle those headaches.  The truth is, unless you have Medical Insurance, you will likely not be able to afford most of the prescription migraine medications. They can run well into the hundreds for just a few pills each month. That being said, medications such as Maxalt and Imitrex are definite lifesavers for many migraine sufferers because they generally work quickly so you can get back to your daily life. However, if you can’t afford those prescription medications, there are some things you can do to help you get a grip on your migraines.

If you do not have Medical Insurance, one thing you can look at for migraine relief is over the counter medications. You do not necessarily have to get the pain reliever that is made specifically for migraines, but it can help you a little better since they usually also contain caffeine. Caffeine can help with your migraine so, if you have just plain pain reliever, try brewing a cup of coffee or drinking energy drink with your pain reliever. This can definitely help lessen the pain you feel with the migraine.

Once you take some type of pain relieving medication, if at all possible, you need to lie down in a dark and quiet place. Those who suffer from migraines are usually very sensitive to light and sound so this will help you get over the hurdle of the migraine. If you do not have the ability to lay down, for whatever reason, then try to do anything to help calm your head. Sometimes simply laying your head down on your desk and closing your eyes for a few minutes can work wonders. You can also try giving yourself a head massage to help lessen the pain you feel.  These are just a few pointers to help with migraines but you are better off seeing a doctor if condition worsen.  If you do not have medical insurance don’t hesitate to call Insurance Medics for a Health Insurance Quotes it may be less than you think.

Even if you have medical insurance, you may find that over the counter remedies and head massages work better for you than prescription medications. It is amazing what simply relaxing yourself can do for getting rid of a migraine. Of course, that is not always something you can do, especially if you are at work. As long as you remember to take the time to relax at some point in your day, you will find that your migraine will at least lessen in intensity so you can have a somewhat normal day.

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