If your place of employment doesn’t offer adequate group coverage, you are self-employed, or you are currently in between jobs, you’ll need to start looking at private Medical Insurance. This is usually more expensive than group policies, but if you keep a few factors in mind you can find reasonable rates. It’s important to take the time to research your options and compare what’s out there before you lock yourself into any plan. The price of your policy will depend on geographical location, your age and level of health, and other lifestyle factors. To start out, you’ll want to evaluate your needs. It’s a good idea to write down all of the kinds of care that you feel you would utilize, and compare these with the plans you see listed.

It’s also important to compare the personal costs of each private Medical Insurance plan and think about how they apply to your medical needs. A policy with a high deductible may be a good idea if you don’t go to the doctor often, yet if you need to visit the doctor regularly then you will need a plan with lower out-of-pocket costs. Requesting quotes online can help give you a side by side comparison of these different price points to help you make your decision.