It’s time to start the holiday eating fest.  Just for fun I thought you might be interested in how many calories you might be consuming when you sit down to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  Also, just as a refresher remember that we are all supposed to be watching cholesterol and fat and you know all these warnings could just take the good right out of the holiday.  After all, it’s only once a year, right?

And if by chance food poisoning should strike and you think you should go to the ER remember this… Your Medical Insurance plan has a deductible and co-insurance (most likely). Medical Insurance carriers have been adding an extra little goodie to their plans concerning ER visits.  Most individual Medical Insurance plans have what they call a facility fee if you should find yourself in the emergency room.  If you are not admitted and do not have surgery the Medical Insurance facility fee comes into play.  Facility fees vary from Medical Insurance carrier to Medical Insurance carrier but they seem to range from about $500 up to about $1500.  Your Medical Insurance provider will charge this fee each and every time you go to the ER on top of the deductible and co-insurance.  You may be thinking “but, I have a maximum out of pocket, right”?  Wrong.   Even if you have met your Medical Insurance plans’ deductible and co-insurance you would still owe the facility fee.  Another problem that could strike during the holidays would be a burn or a cut.  Medical insurance plans, in order to encourage you to stay away from the ER if possible, now offer co-pays at urgent care centers.  You might want to make a list of urgent care centers in your area that accept your Medical Insurance.  Tape it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet just in case you need to get to one quickly.

Ok, so here is an average Holiday dinner.  One glass of wine, half cup of mixed nuts, cup of Waldorf salad, six ounces of white and dark turkey, half a cup of stuffing.  One half cup of cranberry sauce, half a cup of mashed potatoes, half a cup of gravy,

and one half cup of green bean casserole.   Half a cup of candied sweet potatoes, a dinner roll with a pat of butter, a slice of pumpkin pie, half a cup of whipped cream,

and that comes to, believe it or not…. TaDa  2,465 calories.  You will need to walk 24.65 miles or 49,300 steps to work it off.  Thanks to the web site for this splendid information.  Gobble, gobble.  Have a Happy Holiday.

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