David. David is a friend of mine. He is in the business of constructing things all over the world. He is an independent contractor for hire. That means that he protects his family with an individual family plan medical insurance policy. David’s needs are a little tricky though. He travels all over the world but his wife and children pretty much stay in America. David cannot be on the same health plan that his wife and kids are on. Why? Because an American carrier is not going to cover you if you become ill in Brazil. David’s wife and children are not going to be in Brazil so they need two separate policies.

The best way to get them all covered is for the wife and children to be on their own high deductible health plan. David will get a policy that will cover him when he is not in the United States and also when he is. There are several different types of coverage available for Americans living and working outside the US. One covers you in the States and Canada. Another covers you in the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. David needs the rest of the world one. His policy will also state that he has to spend at least six months of the year out of the country. The six months does not have to be consecutive.

Let’s say David goes to a country that is experiencing some political unrest. He goes to the town square to see what’s happening. While there, things quickly get way out of hand. He is trying to get through the crowds to get to safety when he ends up getting pushed and shoved and…. his arm gets broken. Will his travel insurance cover him? Maybe. The reason there is a maybe has to do with Uncle Sam. If you travel to a country that is on the State Department no go list, it will depend on when the advisory was issued. If David leaves the country and there is no advisory for the place he is traveling to when he leaves, he is covered. If the advisory is issued after he gets there, he would still be covered. Perhaps David decides to take a chance and go anyway even though there is an advisory? No coverage. To give David added peace of mind, I also suggested he buy evacuation insurance. When the United States issues a get out of Dodge quickly order, his travel expenses would be covered.

Travel Insurance is offered here at Insurance Medics. Please give us a call if you are planning to be out of the country for an extended period of time. We will help you to stay safe and insured.