Please don’t let this happen to you. I read this article the other day called “The Cost of Apples” by Samuel Yang. Mr. Yang is writing about an insurance plan he bought to protect his family. Here is a direct quote from the article… “Up until last May, my experience of medical costs was limited to the $100 per month premium I contributed towards my employer-sponsored insurance and the nominal co-pays associated with well-child checkups and generic prescriptions. There was never any hesitation in seeing a doctor or filling a prescription. That all changed when I went back to school.

I blindly signed up for the school-recommended family insurance and naïvely assumed myself, my wife, and my two young children would receive whatever health care we needed at a relatively small co-pay. The upfront premium of $10,000 was high, but I believed that this would cover whatever life threw at us. However, two experiences woke me up from my ignorance: my wife’s endoscopy and a visit to the pediatrician.” Mr. Yang then goes on to detail the costs of the endoscopy for his wife and also the visit to the pediatrician for his daughter. He explains that in July his wife was sent by her doctor to get an endoscopy to find out what was causing her stomach pain. Following the procedure the bills from the providers started rolling in and when he called the insurance company they told him they did not cover preexisting conditions. In total they received six bills demanding $2600 for the endoscopy. Mr. Yang’s’ daughter’s visit to the pediatrician was also a nightmare. His daughter had a fever for three days followed by a rash. Again, his insurance company decided that his daughters fever was a preexisting condition and he had a heck of a time getting that all straightened out. Mr. Yang also states that he has studied the coverage booklet put out by his insurance, but he still does not understand what is covered and what is not.

So, you may be wondering, why is this article titled FREE? Certainly it does not sound like Mr. Yang got anything for FREE and you are right, he didn’t. Mr. Yang missed out on something FREE though. He would have saved himself a bunch of money and would have certainly saved him even more aggravation had he used the services of a licensed insurance broker. Since I am one, I can tell you I would have been able to help a lot. I would have guided him to the right individual family plan for his family and advised on how a high deductible health plan works and how it can keep his health insurance premiums as low as possible without sacrificing benefits. Mr. Yang would have been encouraged to call me with any problems he ever encounters with either understanding how his plan works or with any claims…For FREE.