In the world of medical insurance; as it is today, adults with pre-existing conditions have only a few options. In order to understand what those options are your must first understand the different types of pre-existing conditions according to insurance carriers.

Many people believe that if they have diabetes it’s not a problem because the doctors have told them it’s treatable… and it is. To an insurance carrier though it’s a huge deal and anyone with diabetes is automatically declined coverage for individual family plan. Heart conditions, most cancers, strokes, tumors, congenital defects and hepatitis C will all get you the same answer. No. Even high deductible plans will not accept you.

There are some things that you can do to protect yourself. Most options are centered toward group insurance. You will have the option of selecting COBRA if you have been fired or laid off. Anyone on that policy with you has the option of continuing on to COBRA. The rest of the family may move on to an individual family plan. That will be the least expensive option rather than have the entire family on COBRA. You may keep COBRA for 18 months. At the end of that time if you do not have another group health plan you may apply as a HIPPA applicant. Please remember that you may not have any gap in coverage longer than 60 days.

In order to keep the health insurance premiums reasonable for the rest of the family take a look at a high deductible health plan. Carriers such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida even offer an individual family plan with a low deductible.

Look for the services of an insurance broker to help you. An insurance broker is a licensed agent that represents many different carriers and would have your best interests in mind. With a pre-existing medical condition a broker would be able to find the best plans for your entire family while keeping your health insurance premiums as low as possible.