If you are healthy but not happy, then consider your Medical Insurance.  Many healthy people feel they pay too much for services they do not need. If you have insurance or are healthy but want insurance in case of emergencies, then there are low cost options that may benefit you. Cheap plans or plans that only cover emergencies cut costs. These plans involve risk but may be the solution if you are having financial difficulties or need insurance between jobs.

Purchasing a plan with a high deductible is common and generally low risk for healthy individuals. This plan means the insurance will not pay for claims until the deductible is met. Generally, people who are in better condition do not make many claims. A high deductible lowers the monthly premium cost. If you need emergency services, then they easily add up to cover deducible costs and your care will be covered.  Other options include finding a plan that only covers generic drugs or involves minimum doctors’ visits. Other plans may not cover any basic needs but will be for emergency visits and serious illnesses. These plans are not perfect because they offer limited coverage but are inexpensive and still cover emergencies. Consider your needs to see if a cheaper Medical Insurance plan is necessary.