Almost everyone has days when they might feel a little sad.  The holiday time of year, while appearing to be so happy, triggers sadness and depression in many people.  The happiness that other people are feeling may actually cause depression in someone else.

Depression has been described as falling into a dark hole, over whelming sadness, unhappy, miserable, blue, or down in the dumps.  Medical Insurance policies will, most of the time, pay for mental health benefits the same way they do for medical health benefits.  For instance if you wanted to receive some talk therapy and your medical insurance policy provided for doctor co-pays, then you would have a doctor co-pay for talk therapy.  If you wished to see a psychiatrist and your Medical Insurance policy had separate co-pay for specialists, then that would be what you would pay.  If your Medical Insurance policy is an HSA you would be able to pay for any doctors’ fees with your HSA Medical Insurance health savings account.  Hospitalization is a little trickier.  Most, if not all, medical insurance policies have a limit as to how many days they will pay for in hospital stays.  Please be sure to check your own individual Medical Insurance plan to see how many days your Medical Insurance plan will pay for.

Prescrip tions are another story altogether.  Psychotropic drugs, depending on what the condition is, can be very expensive and are usually brand name drugs only.  Brand name drugs, with most Medical Insurance plans, have a separate deductible from the major medical deductible.  I have seen some Medical Insurance policies that have a brand name drug deductible as high as $1500.  When getting Health Insurance Quotes be sure to ask about the brand name drug deductible.  Your Medical Insurance plan will not pay for any brand name drugs until you meet the deductible.  Psychotropic drugs are usually prescribed by a psychiatrist.  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who also has a degree in psychology.  If you choose to see a psychiatrist to treat your depression this is how it usually works….  You would see the doctor for what they call a “med consult”.  The doctor will spend about 30 to 60 minutes with you and then write a prescription for you.  The prescription writing time would be a good opportunity for you to mention that if possible you would like to have a generic drug from your Medical Insurance formulary.  You will pay the psychiatrist a “specialist” co-pay.  In most cases the doctor will also recommend that you do some talk therapy with a psychologist.  That co-pay would be a “regular” doctor copay.

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