Taking good care of your health includes taking good care of your teeth, too. With most individual family plan insurance you may add a dental plan as an optional benefit. The health insurance premiums for these plans are very reasonable. Most plans cover preventive care and specialist procedures as well. So with one simple plan you will get value and peace of mind. Your oral health has a direct relationship to your general health. A variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, HIV, and adverse outcomes of pregnancy have associations with oral health. In fact, if your teeth are not in good condition that will affect your ability to eat and that will have a two-way interaction between with your nutritional status. When purchasing a dental plan think about what the dental care needs are for you and your family. Most plans offer cleanings and check-ups with little or no cost to you. You will have to participate in a network so make sure there are providers in your area before signing up.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of has a great dental plan out for about $10 per month. It gives you free cleanings & x-rays, copayments for root canals and crowns and even discounts on cosmetic services like teeth whitening. Give a call to a licensed insurance broker and he/she will be more than happy to shop around for the best plan that fits your family and budget.