Black Mold, also known as Strachybotrys atra,is very nasty stuff.  Your Medical Insurance will not pay for a check up on your home but it will pay for your visit to the doctor if you think you may be ill.  And you very well may be ill because black mold is responsible for over 100 cases of lung disorders according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Sometimes when I speak to people who are looking at Health Insurance Quotes one of the things they tell me is that they are never sick and never go to the doctor.  That’s for today that is.  Medical Insurance is a great thing to have so that you can get yearly check-ups, prescription coverage and lab work.  But, the most important reason to have Medical Insurance is not for the known but for the unknown.  When you are thinking about purchasing a Medical Insurance plan the most important thing to consider is not the monthly premium.  What you really need to think about is how much you can afford to pay out of your own pocket to the Medical Insurance provider if you were to have an unexpected illness.

Here is an example of what I am talking about concerning Medical Insurance deductibl es. You have a Medical Insurance plan with a $1500 deductible.  That plan also is an 80/20 plan with a $2000 stop loss.  Now, let’s pretend that healthy, never sick you seems to have some sort of breathing problem.  Your eyes, nose and throat feel irritated and stuffy.  You might even have a rash.  At first you thought you just had a cold, or maybe seasonal allergies.  Then you noticed that when you were at work the symptoms went away.  Your Medical Insurance is a PPO plan which allows you to go to a specialist without referrals.  Finally you make an appointment with a pulmonary specialist (lung doctor).  The lung doctor wants to put you in the hospital and run tests.  He/she suspects mold. Think of the TV show House.  You spend 3 days in the hospital and the damage is $75,000.  Lucky you, you will only pay the $1500 deductible and then the Medical Insurance carrier will pay 80% and you will pay 20% up to $2000.  So, your $75,000 hospital experience will cost you $3500.00 I bet you are pretty happy with your decision to carry Medical Insurance.  Without it you would be paying the entire $75,000, probably for most of the rest of your life. See why the deductible is important?