Colitis is a nasty, painful disease.  A situation that definitely promotes disease.  Let’s hope that everyone who has colitis has Medical Insurance.  If you don’t have Medical Insurance but are shopping around getting Health Insurance Quotes make sure you tell your Medical Insurance broker that you have colitis.  A good broker will know what Medical Insurance is the right Medical Insurance carrier for the client.

Being treated for colitis limits your options for Medical Insurance coverage and that’s why it’s so important for you to let an independent Medical Insurance broker guide you.  One option is to take a look at is a government plan.  If you have colitis this may be a great plan for you.  In order to qualify for the government plan you must not have had any major Medical Insurance for the last six months.  You must have a medical condition that will cause you, or has caused you, to be declined for individual major Medical Insurance.  One of the other requirements needed to qualify for major Medical Insurance is that you have a letter from a licensed Medical Insurance broker stating that you do not qualify for major Medical Insurance.  Like me.  If you are having trouble getting a Medical Insurance carrier to issue you medical i nsurance, please give us a call at Insurance Medics.  We will do everything we can to help you.

There is one more viable option that you could take if you have colitis.  Let’s say that you have been insured for the last six months with a major Medical Insurance policy.  For whatever reason you have lost your Medical Insurance.  Where did you put it, hmmm?  Anyway, if you don’t find it right away, and you have not been able to find anyone willing to even submit an application for you for Medical Insurance this might be a great solution.  BlueCross/BlueShield of Florida offers a plan called GoBlue.  It is not a medically underwritten Medical Insurance plan which means that you do not have to be healthy in order to qualify for it.  It also is not a major Medical Insurance plan.  It will not cover ANY hospitalization, surgery, or emergency room benefits.  It will cover doctor visits, pays $15 towards prescriptions, offers free labs, will pay $1000 towards a well-care visit, and will pay $50 towards one teeth cleaning per year.  It is very reasonably priced.  This policy could be purchased by someone who had colitis as an interim Medical Insurance plan until the required 6 months without Medical Insurance is met in order to qualify for the government plan.

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