So many things come to my mind when thinking about beer. Spring break, sporting events, college, fishing, fun! However, I never really thought about beer as actually being good for a person, as in healthy. Certainly as an insurance broker I don’t recall health plans applications asked if you drank lots of beer every day to maintain your health.

Beer has been around about as long as there have been humans. In the middle ages people drank beer with just about every meal. It turns out that beer consumed in very moderate amounts may actually be good for you. The ingredients in beer are hops, brewer’s yeast, barley and malt. You could get a large amount of the daily fiber you need from just a glass of beer a day.

In an article by Shereen Jegtvig on she writes that beer may lower your risk for cardiovascular disease:

  • The foliate found in beer lowers homocysteine which could translate to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Beer lowers triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in mice
  • Drinking one beer a day reduces blood clotting

Like other alcohols, beer is shown to reduce stress, and helps you sleep better.

Organic Facts reports that beer contains the following benefits:

  • Anticancer Properties: Beer has been proven to be a good cancer fighter just like red Wine
  • Increases Bone Density
  • Prevention of Dementia and Coronary Disease
  • Aids the Digestive System
  • Anti- Aging: with vitamin E which helps to maintain healthy skin
  • Prevention of Anemia: Beer has lots of B12 and folic acid
  • Diabetes: Studies show that moderate beer drinking lowers the prevalence of type 2 diabetes
  • Gallstones: decreases bile concentration which leads to a reduced risk of gallstones
  • Kidney Stones and Osteoporosis: high in potassium and low in sodium and a great source of magnesium which lowers the risk of kidney stones. The silicon in beer has a positive effect against osteoporosis
  • Hypertension: regular drinkers of beer have lower blood pressure compared to people consuming similar amounts of wine and other spirits
  • Diuretic: increases urination which gets rid of toxic waste
  • Cleansing of Gastrointestinal tract: beer is a good source of fiber

Beer should always be drunk in moderation. Folks who do not drink beer for religious reasons can find the same health benefits in other foods and beverages. Anyone taking any type of medication, even over the counter, should speak with their doctor.