Ahhh America’s pastime. And now that it is World Series time the subject of chewing tobacco comes up yet again. For the last two years in a row American senators have written to Major League baseball begging them to stop chewing tobacco in the dugout and on the field. It’s a little difficult to make grown men do anything and combine that with grown men making over six figures and I guess the senators might as well forget about it.

Medical Insurance companies do not forget about chewing tobacco. Medical Insurance providers consider chewing the same as smoking. The only difference seems to be that when you chew you are not affecting the people around you as happens with tobacco that is smoked. When you talk to a broker about Health Insurance Quotes they will always ask you if you smoke. You must say “yes” if you chew tobacco. Your Medical Insurance premium will be about 20% higher than your non-chewing friends. Perhaps you chew tobacco, have high blood pressure, and high cholesterol? Well, now you can forget about it because Medical Insurance carriers will most likely decline you for individual major Medical Insurance policies.

Why are American senators going to the trouble of trying to convin ce Major League baseball players to stop chewing and spitting in dugouts and on the field? Perhaps because they, along with everyone else except Charles (“I am not a role model for your kids”) Barkley realize that professional athletes are role models for kids. It’s sort of like you take the money, you take what comes with it. That would be including the adoration of thousands of Little Leaguers. Besides, as doctors and Medical Insurance providers will tell you, smoking is bad for your health.

Smokeless tobacco, while not quite as bad for you as cigarettes, still contain about 30 known cancer causing chemicals, according to a post by the Mayo Clinic. Gee, I wonder if that may be one of the reasons Medical Insurance carriers charge you more money for Medical Insurance if you are a chewer. The Mayo Clinic goes on to say, “Your risk of certain types of cancer increases if you use chewing tobacco or other types of smokeless tobacco. This includes esophageal cancer and various types of oral cancer, including cancers of your mouth, throat, cheek, gum, lips and tongue. Surgery to remove cancer from any of these areas can leave your jaw, chin, neck or face disfigured, and the cancer may be life-threatening. You also face increased risks related to pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer.”


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