Before you get everything just right for Santa’s visit you might want to make sure your Medical Insurance policy is paid up and you know what ER’s are nearest to you and in your Medical Insurance network.  Why?  Because in November and December of 2010 more than 13,000 people were treated in United States emergency departments for injuries that involved holiday decorations.

If you are toughing out life in these tough economic times without Medical Insurance you just might want to re-think that.  Perhaps you should consider giving yourself and your family the gift of Medical Insurance for Christmas.  You may be thinking that you can’t afford Medical Insurance right now but can you really afford not to have Medical Insurance given what it would take to take care of an injury.  The average cost of an emergency room visit is around $7,000.  Hospital stay?   Five days = around $23,000.  By the way, a five day hospital stay is the average in America.  Has been for around 13 years.  If you think Medical Insurance is unaffordable how in the world are you going to be able to repay $23,000?  Here’s another chilling statistic… 70% of US bankruptcies are due to medical costs from folks who do not have Medical Insurance.

Unlucky enough to break your leg?  The X-ray’s alone could cost as much as $2,000.   If you are thinking about applying for Medical Insurance and getting some Health Insurance Quotes, make sure you ask your Medical Insurance broker about deductibles.  Let’s take a look at the $2,000 for broken leg x-rays.  If you are able to get a plan with a $250 deductible then your Medical Insurance would be able to help you out with the rest of the x-ray charges.  However, if your Medical Insurance deductible is $5,000 please be aware that you will be paying for the x-rays.  You should be able to take advantage of network discounts from your Medical Insurance carrier though.

Here is some advice from Health Day on how to stay accident free while decorating for the holidays.  “A well watered tree, carefully placed candles, and carefully checked holiday light sets will help prevent the joy of the holidays from turning into a trip to the emergency room or the loss of your home.  Between 2006 and 2008, Christmas tree-related fires caused an annual average of four deaths and $18 million in property damage a year.”

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