Sometimes it might be a good idea to be aware of an illness so that you can do everything in your power to avoid it.  Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome is one of those illnesses.  Medical Insurance and taking good care of yourself, with annual checkups, exercise, and good nutrition are important to your all around general health.  Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) usually happens to people who have had a major illness or injury and are already in the hospital.  ARDS is a very serious disease and that’s why you want to take good care of yourself, stay out of hospitals, and hopefully never meet your Medical Insurance deductible.

More and more these days Medical Insurance providers are realizing and stressing to their members the importance of prevention.  With the enactment of healthcare reform, many well care visits are completely paid for by the Medical Insurance carriers.  There are some exceptions.  Did you buy your individual Medical Insurance policy before September 23, 2010?  If the answer is “yes” there is a good chance that your Medical Insurance does not provide for free yearly checkups.   If your health is good, without any major illnesses, give us a call at Insurance Medics and we can shop around for some different Health Insurance Quotes for you.  If you find something you like you can switch Medical Insurance plans and then the well care visits would be free.  Well care visits will be paid f or once a year by your medical insurance provider.  The check up includes mammograms, pap smears, colorectal screenings, vaccinations, EKG’s, blood tests, urinalysis, blood pressure readings, and PSA exams.  You could hit a small wrinkle if you are not careful.  Sometimes, well care visits can turn into sick visits.   For example, let’s say you tell your doctor that you have had a sore throat for a few days.  He decides to do a throat culture and send that off to the lab.  Depending on your medical insurance   carrier, you might have to pay for the lab fees.  Again, depending on your Medical Insurance carrier, you may also have to pay for an office visit, even though you were there for a well care check up.

Mayo Clinic gives a pretty good explanation of ARDS and its causes.  “The mechanical cause of ARDS is fluid leaked from the smallest blood vessels in the lungs into the tiny air sacs where blood is oxygenated.  Normally, a protective membrane keeps this fluid in the vessels.  Severe illness or injury, however, can cause inflammation that undermines the membrane’s integrity, leading to the fluid leakage of ARDS. is also reporting that some medicines used to treat ARDS are not performing as they should.  “Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011, A study addressing intravenous infusion of the drug salbutamol in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome was halted because the treatment did not improve patient outcomes and was associated with an increased risk of death, researchers say

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