3..The annual period in which the shoppers of health insurance Florida can enroll, get subsidies and switch schemes on health plans is open enrollment. In case you do not shop in open enrollment, then you won’t have any choices outside of Medicaid/CHIP, special enrollment or paying the fee. ObamaCare Health insurance is one of the best kinds of health insurance like others that include Florida blue and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

The enrollment dates governed to change very year and differ by the kind of insurance. For 2016, open enrollment ran from 1st November 2015, till 31st January, 2016. To make the most out of enrollment dates, we will offer certain tricks and tips and in the following article, we shall cover the dates for open enrollment for all the types of health insurance.

  • 31 st, January 2016: The last day for open enrollment that encompasses 2016 coverage
  • 1st October ( towards 2017): Open enrollment starts
  • 15th December (toward 2017): The open enrollment completes and plans auto renew
  • 1st January (toward 2017): All the plans that have been bought or renewed begin before December 15th.


For special enrollment period, the only time of the year when you can apply for cost assistance, switch schemes and enroll for a medical plan is an open enrollment period. There are unique enrollment periods for employer coverage, Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP along with other health insurance types.

ObamaCare Open Enrollment Period Definition

When you can apply for MediCaid through the market, enroll for a plan inside as well as outside the market place and get cost assistance is ObamaCare open enrollment period. If you are looking for a major medical health insurance called minimum essential coverage, enroll for a plan during the open enrollment or by qualifying for a special enrollment period. Since, insurers have unofficially followed ObamaCare’s enrollment periods; it stands for both inside and outside the market place and for all medical coverage’s.

You can always ask your plan provider of medical health insurance for all specifics on the enrollment dates incase you need more information apart the one we provided above. Choose your plan wisely and enroll at the right time to reap the maximum benefits.