In this contemporary world, many people do not know the ins and outs of medical insurance because they’re just naive and never wanted to know. However, for many years now millions of people have been receiving medical insurance cover through their employers but it is unfortunate many do not know how the system works and yet they’re benefiting from it. Below are important facts you need to know about the medical insurance enrolment.

Facts About Medical Insurance Enrollment

  • In medical insurance Copay and coinsurance are not the same

The two terms are used to define cost-sharing between the insurance company and the consumer, but many people have been mistaken them to be the same. The copayment is a payment paid for a specific amount after a treatment is performed; while coinsurance is a percentage paid after deductable charges is made.


  • Medical insurance isn’t all about premium

Many have the idea that the premium charged on monthly basis covers all medical insurance, the truth is there are other deductibles that are made based on person’s health status and the type of plan he or she has.


  • Out-of-network benefits can be costly

Out of network will allow patient to use the services of those not in the in-network providers. Generally, the cost for this service is higher than any other.

In the end, there are many things about medical insurance enrolment which you should know, but what we have here are just a few out of many. Therefore, it is advisable to seek for expert’s advice before purchasing an insurance plan from the insurance marketplace.