Blue shield is a sister to Blue cross and was established in 1939 by employers in mining and lumber camps of the Pacific Northwest. The aim of developing this organization was to provide health insurance care for the people of United States in which paying monthly fees to services rendered by physicians are made. It was gathered, the first official blue shield insurance plan was established in 1948 and series of changes have taken place and the organization was renamed to “National Association of Blue Shield.” However, in 1960, the U.S government saw that a partnership between blue cross and blue shield can make great combination and a path to success in strengthen healthcare insurance policies in the country; the two independent organizations were merged and till date the merging has been stronger and yielding positive results.


Some Facts About Blue Shield

  • Blue shield was merged with Blue cross to better off the healthcare activities called “Blue cross Blue shield” in 1960.
  • Blue shield was initially known as an organization that provides insurance cover for majorly medical expenses before merging with Blue cross.
  • In 1948 Blue shield symbol was informally and unauthoratively adopted by 9 insurance care plans known as the Medical Care plans, but the name was later rephrased to “National Association of Blue shield.”

In conclusion, this little information about Blue shield is aimed to show you how the organization has been in existence and how reliable it has become in making sure that everyone have access to adequate medical care. Get enroll for health insurance plan today and plan for a healthy future.