The passing of the health reform bill was certainly a polarizing event. People on both sides are very passionate about their opinion on whether it was a good thing or not. Despite what you may think about the entire bill, there are some parts of it that are potentially very beneficial to the American public. One part of the bill addressed a problem of insuring children with preexisting conditions. Specifically, a child under 19 years of age cannot be denied coverage if they have a preexisting condition. Unfortunately, to get around this many insurance companies have stopped selling an individual family plan for children only.

Nowadays, in order to get Medical Insurance for a child, many  Medical Insurance  companies are requiring that an adult be on the plan as well. As you can imagine, this can be daunting to a cash strapped family who can only afford Medical Insurance premiums for a plan for their child. Fortunately, not every insurance company is doing this. There are a still a few that are offering plans just for children. However, you will need to do your research to find them. Also because the supply is now very limited, you want to prepare yourself for paying a little more for the health insurance product.

The other option is to bite the bullet and buy the individual family plan with the adult requirement. If you shop around, you can probably find an insurance plan that is cheaper for all of you than what you would pay for a plan for your kids only. There are sites online that allow you to compare the insurance quotes from multiple companies. This is a good service to take advantage of because you’ll have the pricing and plan information right in front of you so you can compare them side by side. Working with an insurance agent is another option for finding a good plan for your family.

If worse comes to worse and you are not able to get an affordable individual family plan then contact your local social services department to see what options they have available for insuring children. Most likely you will be referred to the Medicaid program which can certainly help alleviate the medical costs associated with active kids. Be aware, however, that it is a low income program so there is a qualification process you must meet. Be persistent in your quest to find insurance for your children. In this age of rising medical costs, you can’t afford to be without it.

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