Your Doctor may be available for online visits! This concept was introduced in the United States beginning in the year 2000. In the last couple of years, most major insurance companies have been offering a coverage benefit for this type of doctor visit. At first they were mainly offered by group coverage but now individual family plan are also offering E visits. Virtual doctor office visits work much like regular doctor office visits as far as payment to the doctor goes. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida offers a policy called BlueOptions Hospital Surgical 700 Plus. They will pay up to $50.00 for a primary care E visit and up to $75.00 for a specialist E visit. Also, even with a high deductible health plan, the doctor visits are not subject to meeting the deductible.

A patient wishing to use E doctor services needs only a computer with an internet connection. The patient may also take advantage of the technology by sending electronic photos of rashes, wounds, and other relevant pictures.

If you have a sinus infection an ear ache or if you need a referral you won’t have to go into the office as you normally would have. Not having to take time off from work or getting dressed to go to the doctor when you are not feeling well is a wonderful use of modern technology. Not to mention the fact that you won’t be around a bunch of sick people and they would be exposed to!

If you are shopping around for a new individual family plan you should have a check list of questions to ask. Those questions should include what are my options for different health insurance premiums, how does high deductible health plans work and does the plan offer E visits. Always take advantage of a licensed insurance broker to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.