More and more families are finding themselves in the situation of looking for an individual family plan for health insurance. The number of people entering the individual family market is increasing because of job loss or layoffs or the simply because the employer is no longer offering coverage to their employees.

There are different options available, HMOʼs, PPOʼs HSAʼs and indemnity plans. The most cost effective way to keep the premium down is to purchase a high deductible health plan. Health insurance premiums are the lowest when the deductibles are the highest. By choosing a high deductible health plan you will, depending on the carrier, be able to go to the doctor and get checkups and prescriptions without meeting the deductible.

With an HMO you are restricted to using only their hospitals and must get a referral from your primary care doctor in order to see a specialist. A PPO will allow you to go to any doctor in the network without a referral. An HSA will give you health insurance along with a tax deductible savings plan. Indemnity plans are for people with pre existing conditions.

Saving money is a high priority for everyone these days and so should having an individual family plan to protect your loved ones because it can far more costly not to have any insurance in the event of a medical emergency.