It seems as though more and more employers are dropping health insurance coverage for their employees and their families. Although there may not be the one “perfect” individual family plan out there; there are some plans that will fit you and your family better than others. Also, unfortunately there is no plan that will cover all the costs associated with your health care. All health plans have a premium that is usually paid monthly. These premiums will vary depending on what gets covered. If you have one of the high deductible health plan, your out of pocket expenses will be higher and your health insurance premiums will be lower. Some plans will cover more than others so it’s important to review your options.

Here is a list of some key questions you should consider before you select the plan that best meets your needs:

  • What is the deductible I have to meet before my insurance company pays anything?
  • If I have one of the high deductible health plans can I go to the doctor before I meet the deductible?
  • What doctors, hospitals and other health care providers are in the plan and do I need a referral to see a specialist?
  •  If I have an individual family plan how many people need to meet the deductible? Is the deductible for an individual or collective for the entire family?

A licensed insurance agent can help you find the right plan for you be it a plan just for you or an individual family plan or one where the health insurance premiums are lower because you have one of the high deductible health plans.