There are several reasons why Medical Insurance is a great investment.  Many uninsured individuals suffer monetary hardship when they lack this important coverage.  Additionally, uninsured individuals are more likely to receive less than adequate health care as well as longer wait times in hospitals and doctor’s offices.  Unfortunately for those who have health problems, without Medical Insurance their health will continue to decline.  Having health insurance can significantly improve a person’s access to health care needs.  Furthermore, obtaining Medical Insurance is a way of improving a person’s overall health and longevity.  Approximately 18,000 individuals without Medical Insurance die every year.

It is a common misconception for those who lack Medical Insurance that they can always receive health care from their local emergency room.  Unfortunately, there are certain barriers that hospitals face that prevent them from providing the right amount of care to individuals in need.  Having coverage decreases that coverage issue and guarantees the insured person a better chance at receiving the health care they need and deserve.  Yet another problem uninsured individuals face is a lack of preventative screening.  It has been proven that a person with Medical Insurance is offered preventative screening more often than someone who is uninsured.