51-1Most of the health insurance Florida plans available nowadays utilize the provider networks. It is very vital for you to know what provider networks are and how you can get the most from your insurance dollars.

Visiting a doctor or a hospital outside the provider network of a policy is possible. However, there are certain things you need to know about this practice.

Why you should be concerned about the networks

Receiving health care from out-of-door hospital or doctor can cause you potentially lots of dollars as compared to seeing the in-network providers. The hospitals and doctors in the network of providers usually have a contract with the health insurance issuers. The issuers guarantee them a steady stream of patients to the health providers and in return, the latter provide a healthcare at a reduced cost.

If you decide to get healthcare from outside the network, you will be without the benefits of the relationship of the network.

51The case of out-of-network specialist referrals

What about if your in-network doctor refers you to a specialist who is not covered in the network? The fact that you’ve been referred to a non-network specialist by an in-network doctor does not automatically include the former in the insurance company’s agreement. That means that you finally have to make a choice whether or not to oblige to the out-of-network specialist referral.

Luckily, most of the health insurance providers have great resources online to help you find a specialist or doctor within the network. You can also confirm the status of any health care provider as the insurers change the doctors and hospitals in their network on a regular basis. If enrolled into a plan with Florida Blue, you can also get assistance in finding a healthcare provider within their network.

Out-of-network emergency rooms

If you visit an emergency room outside your insurer’s network, you might be given some exceptions. In an out-of-network emergency case, the costs incurred are waived by the insurance provider. However, beware that any other related care received from the non-network provider will be charged. You should inquire how your plan works from your provider.

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