Things to Consider Before Choosing a Health Insurance

dddaThere are different kinds of health insurance that people choose from. While choosing an insurance plan, one would have to consider certain factors. One example is the amount to subscribe to the plan. Apart from this, another important factor is the magnitude of the sickness. A person with a major health issue cannot subscribe for the same health insurance plan which a person with a minor health issue can subscribe for. Hence, one needs to consider his health issues before subscribing for a health insurance plan. What is the best insurance plan for those with major health issues? This is a question commonly asked by those people suffering from the major health issues.

Health Insurance for the Major Sicknesses

Well, here is the answer for you! The right health insurance plan for people with the major sicknesses is the catastrophic health plan. This health plan is not actually available for everybody, since it is for those who fell really sick or got severely injured.  Previously, this plan used to feature high deductible and low premiums. They were created as safety nets for those who were terribly sick or injured. The plan could not pay for anything until the subscriber’s expenses had gotten to the deductible. Moreover, the deductible was as high as $10,000. But nowadays, the catastrophic plan offers a wider coverage and is limited to how much you can pay yourself. Most people who have a health insurance Florida are required to pay a penalty for the tax.

Health plans that meet that requirement are divided into 4 categories. These categories are applicable according to the part of health care cost that would be paid for an average individual. These plans are:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Bronze