5..Enrolling to and acquiring a health insurance is the best way to ensure that you and your family are protected from unforeseen medical expenses in the near future. Although there are health care providers that provide plans with relatively lower monthly premiums like Florida Blue, we may still want to think of ways to lessen our payments. This line of thinking is not uncommon, and there are legal strategies that can be used and considered to help us make the most of our health care program.

Tax Credit

When you enrol to health care programs offered by providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, you have the opportunity to be informed whether you are qualified for a premium tax credit. This lowers your health insurance monthly premium and is determined by the declared income of your household for the present tax year. When your income changes, or lose or gain a member of your household, this will affect the amount of premium tax credit you qualify for. Check with your local authorities to help you compute and determine your tax credit so you can qualify for a higher premium deduction.


With Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs, you can only see one primary care doctor. This doctor diagnoses your current health condition and coordinates a referral to a specialist in case you need specialized services. However, this referral is only applicable within the network of the HMO, unless in emergencies.

On the other hand, with Preferred Provider Organizations or PPOs, you are free to consult and transact with any doctor you may wish to see whether or not the doctor is in the network of the PPO. However, you pay a higher premium to PPOs than with HMOs because of this freedom.

If your HMO has a strong network of affiliates in your area, you can take advantage of their lower monthly insurance premiums over PPOs.


Look for the amount of the deductible in your plan. This amount is the money you will pay for your health care service before your health care insurance provider pays. Insurance plans with higher deductibles offer significantly monthly premiums. Take advantage of this if you do not go for consultations and treatment often.

Simple tips and trick to lessen your valuable health insurance monthly premiums