Insurance fraud is a big problem around the world. It is important to know that in every aspect of life, not all you see or hear is genuine. The way you see a variety of reputable insurance agencies today, so it is with a number of fake insurance agencies existing and scamming people here and there. You want to know how to identify them and save yourself from been scammed? Below are a few important tips you need to know about fake insurance agencies.

How to spot them?

  • They lack authenticity

Yes, some of these agencies will even go extra length to show you their identity cards, call your line and tell you stories concerning your present insurance plan claiming they have better deals for you. Whenever you are getting suspicious calls or messages from a supposed insurance agency, do not fall for that trap, but simply run away from them.

  • They promises huge bonuses

That is where most of them got it wrong here. On no account would a genuine insurance agency gives you about 60% discounts on premiums as a bonus. The fake agencies are doing that and many people are falling for it because of greed.

  • They sell you a policy but premiums are credited to their account

This happens most of the times and people are falling for it. How can you pay for a plan and premiums be credited to the insurance company’s account? Surely, something must be wrong somewhere.