Finding the right health insurance can be a complicated business. Few people are well versed in the jargon and lingo of insurance, and the sheer volume of red tape involved can be staggering. When you start your search for a new, better or supplemental insurance, you really need to begin at the beginning and contact a variety of insurance agents who can give you health insurance quotes. This is the first step of the process of getting insurance. A quote will provide you with the costs of your premiums, deductibles and benefits for each insurance policy.

Before you look at the bottom dollar cost of your health insurance quotes, be sure to also take note of the policy differences in costs for prescription medications, as well as the convenience offered by HMO restrictions. Each policy should have something to offer, so you will need to compare each benefit and only then factor in the actual cost. Then, too, your specific situation, such as whether you are self-employed, retired or needing supplemental insurance can also play a big part in the type of policy you need and will be eligible for. A good insurance agent will be able to provide all of this information when you get your quote.