38-1Navigating the health insurance Florida policy landscape to find the best and comprehensive policy can be daunting. You have to be extra cautious to find a plan that’s suitable for you and your loved ones, whether through an employer or federal marketplace.

Here is a comprehensive step by step guide to finding the most suitable policy.

Find a marketplace

Many people get their health insurance through their employers. If you are in that category, you won’t require the government insurance exchanges or marketplace. Basically, your marketplace is your work. If you are offered a cover by your employer but would still like to get an alternative insurance plan, it possible

Check out the categories

Different health insurance providers such as Blue Shield Florida offer different plan categories according to the benefits for each. These plan categories usually reflect on the payment plans rather than the care quality.  Some include bronze, silver and gold plan categories.

Consider the total costs

38-2Bear in mind that payment of premiums is exclusively done, even when you didn’t use the medical services during a particular month. There may also be out-of-pocket charges such as deductibles. When searching for the most suitable plan, it’s important to consider both the premiums and other costs.

Plan and the network types

There are health insurance plans that give the holder the freedom to use virtually any health care facility or doctor. Others have limits on the choice of care or may impose higher charges if the holder uses providers outside the permitted network. You should consider how you can be protected by these network types especially during worst health scenarios.

With these four important factors, you are sure to find the most comprehensive policy that’s most convenient for you and your family.  Insurance Medics offer the most comprehensive plans with premium rates starting as low as $0 per month for you and loved ones.