52-1The cost of health care and insurance increase year after year, just like most of the expenses. However, since the Affordable Care Act was implemented, growth in monthly premium amounts has significantly reduced. In contrary, deductibles and other costs have increased and resulted to higher health insurance costs.

In 2017, out-of-pocket expenses and premiums are likely to increase. You can cope with the increases by comprehending how they will take place and what you can do to moderate their effect. Depending on your employer size, you will possibly have a number of plan options at the time of open enrollment. Here are a few tips to help you keep your premium amounts lower.

Choose smaller provider networks (HMO)

If you are less likely to need services of a doctor from outside your network coverage, then a smaller network coverage will probably be the best. Such a plan will cost you less per month, but comes with a trade-off. For instance, in HMO, you will have limited freedom to visit health care providers of your preference.

52Choose higher premium plans

If you are scared by big deductibles, you could opt for a higher premium plan such as PPO which comes with more freedom. You will be able to visit health providers of your choice and avoid higher amount of deductibles.

Check your eligibility for corporate discounts

It is possible to qualify for corporate discounts without your knowledge. Legislation of private health insurance allows providers to issue a discount of up to 12 percent under agreement with the providers. You can check out the plans from top providers in Florida, including Blue Cross Florida.

Understand dramatic healthcare cost increases

When reading about dramatic health cost hikes for 2016, you need to calm down and try to understand what matches your needs on your present plan and other available options. This way, when the time for open enrollment approaches you will be prepared to make savvy choices about your health insurance Florida coverage.

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