8Health insurance is becoming a demanded commodity not just in the United States of America but also in different countries around the world. The benefits of having a reliable insurance policy secure people in the unforeseen and unwanted medical expenditures of the future. More and more people need personalized health care insurance plans to fit their personal and family needs.

If you are in the searching the market for a health care service provider with an insurance policy that fits you may want to inquire with your local institutions such as Florida Blue and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to learn more about specific costs of their sample plans. If you are just wondering what the average cost figures are like, feel free to read on.

A number of factors dictate the price of purchasing health care insurance policies. These costs are different whether you are availing an individual or a group type of insurance.


You can purchase an insurance plan for yourself, as an individual or for your family. This plan mostly covers your medical and other health-related expenses. For a 28-year-old individual who has an annual income of $24,999, monthly premiums average at $200. For a 30-year-old of $29,999, monthly premiums range from $230 to $250. For a 50-yeard-old individual earning $49,999 per year, monthly premiums average at $380.  55-year-olds earning $74,999 a year have monthly premiums averaging at $550.


Companies often provide special health insurance policies to their employees. Monthly contributions to avail plans are shouldered by both employer and employee. At some cases, these are cheaper than getting your own insurance. However, there are also certain difficulties in making claims and redeeming benefits for this type of insurance.

Employer-based group insurance can average at a total monthly premium of $550 for single coverage and $1750 monthly premium for family coverage. Employers usually share the same amount as their employees, but others may not.

Individual or Group

There are different factors that determine the prices of monthly premiums of individual-based health insurance as well as group-based insurance plans. You may want to fully discuss the terms and details thoroughly with your health insurance agent so that you will fully understand what your options are and what services you can look for.

Know the cost of purchasing a health insurance plan for you and your loved ones