33-1Looking to buy ObamaCare Policy? Make sure that you have detailed information of its current cost and features.

“ObamaCare” or ”The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)” is a health care reform law of USA that helps in expanding and improving the access to health care spending with the help of taxes and regulations.

This reform law was signed on 23rd of March, 2010, and has hundreds of different provisions that are focused on providing the access of Americans to better and affordable health insurance, improve health insurance and health care quality, regulate the industry of health insurance and reduce the spending on health care in USA.

ObamaCare Policy Cost

The net cost of ObamaCare Policy will be $1,207 trillion by the year 2025. This amount includes the cost of all the major provisions of ObamaCare, however, cost reducing measures are not included in it.

Because of the provisions related to insurance, six in every ten Americans can now get a health coverage for $100 or even less. After the Premium Tax Credits in the year 2014, the average cost of a health coverage is about $82.

33How to Buy ObamaCare Policy?

ObamaCare Policy can be purchased online, by phone, or in person. However, for the year 2016, 31st of January 2016 was the last date to purchase ObamaCare for people who are not qualified for the special enrolment program. For the year 2017, the enrolment will again begin on 1st of November 2016 and will last until 31st of January 2017.

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