Obamacare is a special program in the U.S that made it a mandate to everyone get enrolled for a healthcare plan or be taxed. The program is designed to tackle health challenges among the citizens with the view of helping individuals, and families to benefits from healthcare plans available in United States. It is important to know that there have been misconceptions about this program and many people think it should be scrapped, because they believe the overall goal of the scheme may not be viable. However, these were just assumptions lacking concrete criticisms that can be tested and accepted. In this article, we she be familiar with how the Obamacare works.

Why Obamacare Is Important

One of the main reasons for enacting the Obamacare law is to reduce health care and insurance cost so that people in all population composition will benefit from it. One of the interesting things about Obamacare is that it allows parents to add their children who can be up to 26 years old; with this, lower premiums charges are achievable and more incentives will be provided by insurance companies because more young people will pay premiums of which they may not even use them.

Obamacare is highly beneficial, as it lowers premiums by reducing insurance and healthcare costs and subsidizes prescriptions for those benefiting on Medicare (those who are above 65 years, about to turn 65, and the disabled). This system is a good one,  it allows the elderly to continue taking adequate medications and prevent emergency room visits.