One of the questions that you will almost always see on any Medical Insurance website when looking for Health Insurance Quotes is whether or not you drink. Drinking can raise the premiums offered on your Health Insurance Quotes because you are considered to be at risk of greater health complications than a non-drinker. This might seem strange, in a sense, when you realize that some forms of alcohol, taken in small amounts, are considered to be healthy. For example, many doctors believe that a glass of wine a day is good for your heart. Many also feel that mild drinkers are likely to live longer than those who don’t drink at all.

However, there is a reason why answering “yes” to whether you drink will almost always have a negative impact on your health insurance quotes. Drinkers are considered to be at a much higher risk of dangerous behavior. For example, you simply cannot become an alcoholic if you never drink — whereas, if you do drink, there is a chance of acquiring this chronic condition. True, that chance may be slight, but there is no way for an insurance company to be able to judge your risk in detail. Hence, the only way of doing so is through this apparently simple question about your drinking habits.

As with many questions that come up in relation to health insurance quotes, it might not be clear to you whether you are considered a drinker or not. Sometimes, guidance will be provided to you on the form you are filling out. Other times — in fact, most of the time — it will be up to you to make a determination as to whether you consider yourself a drinker or not. There are some basic things you can think about to help you determine the answer to this question. Here are a few things to think about when you’re considering it.

Do you keep alcohol in the home? Do you ever order alcohol when you go out to eat? Do you go to clubs or bars and “social drink”? For the purposes of health insurance quotes, any of these behaviors will usually mean that you are considered a drinker. If you only drink once a year, say during New Year’s celebrations or other winter holidays, it would be much harder to argue that you are a drinker. This is simply because your body is very unlikely to suffer any ill effects from this level of consumption — your liver, for example, is likely healthy.

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