3..If you want to get a health insurance for yourself or your family, you should start planning in advance. There are various health care plans, which are available for people. You should select the most appropriate health plan from all the available plans for enrollment. Using the Affordable Care Act, you can sign up for an insurance through your state’s marketplace. This can only happen during the annual open enrollment period. You need to buy an insurance policy in order to enroll for a health insurance. There are following ways by which you can enroll for health insurance plan.

State’s Health Insurance Marketplace

You can use your State’s health insurance marketplace in order to enroll in a health plan. You can use your state’s marketplace to compare the benefits and costs of the health care plans. While you apply using your state’s marketplace, you will find out whether any of your family member qualifies for Medicare or CHIP. As the insurer has to pay a fee for selling his plan on the marketplace, you may find a cheaper insurance through a private insurer.

Health Insurance Company

There are several insurance companies available in the market, which are intended to provide insurance policies. Buying a health policy directly from a company somehow gives an advantage, there is no middle man. You should consider the option to buy directly from a company, when you have a clear idea that you are not eligible for cost-assistance from marketplace, and you are clear about the type of policy you need. Florida Blue is one of the companies that provides help regarding health policies. The company’s name is a trade name of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

With the Help Of a Broker

You can find a broker and ask them to help you find the best policy options. When you want someone to compare all the health plans and choose a best plans for you, broker could provide a great help. They know various health plans in your state and can help you understand the benefits and costs of those plans.

Paper Application

The government has created paper applications, that will help you to find out whether you are eligible to enroll in a government health plan like Medicaid or tax credit or not. You can also call on the marketplace helpline for assistance, which remain open 24/7.