49-1There exists different types of health insurance Florida plans in the marketplace to cater for different needs. There are certain plans that restrict the choice of your provider or encourage obtaining care from hospitals, doctors among other medical providers within the network. Depending on the plans available in your locality, there are different plans for each of the levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

Plans available in marketplace

Some of the plans you will get in the marketplace include Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Others include the Point of Service (POS) and Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO).

HMO plan usually limits the care coverage to the doctors who are on contract or work for the plan. All care outside the network are not covered except in the case of emergencies. You may also be required to live or work within the plan’s service areas for you to be eligible for the cover. HMOs mainly offers integrated care with focus on wellness and prevention.

The PPO plan enables the holders of policy to pay less if they use the providers within the network of the plan. If you decide to use hospitals, doctors or other medical care providers outside the network you’ll be required to make extra payments. Top providers in Florida that you might want to consider include Florida Blue.

49Finding a policy

In finding the best policy that offers largest PPO and HMO plans, you have to check into your needs with regard to the conditions of the plans. For instance, if you have a preferred location, you might need to change your plan if you choose HMO. This is because the plan will limit you from seeing doctors you have seen before if they are not in the network covered. In this regard, you might want to consider PPO which offers greater flexibility.

If travelling often, choose a policy that has a PPO plan due to its flexibility. As for HMO, it suits many people as they can use the plan over a longer period of time without extra payments apart from co-pay.

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