Medical Insurance News

Thousands to Lose Health Insurance Over Residency Questions
Department of Health and Human Services officials on Wednesday said health plans would terminate Feb. 28 for people who had signed up for coverage in 2014 and whose plans had been automatically renewed for 2015, after officials concluded those people hadn’t supplied enough information to verify their immigration or citizenship status..Read more

Fines for no health insurance kicking in.
The 40-year-old legal assistant, whose full-time job at a small Columbus law firm doesn’t offer health benefits, says she can’t afford both. After paying her bills each month, she said, a scant $50 to $100 remains for food…Read more

5 things to know about health care in 2015
WASHINGTON — New episodes in the nation’s long-running political drama over health care are coming via your news feed in 2015…Read more

Tax credits cut average ACA premiums to $105
Less than a week before Obamacare enrollment closes Feb. 15, federal regulators said Monday that the average monthly premium after tax credits ranges from $47 in Mississippi to $172 in New Jersey…Read more

Don’t blame Obamacare if your health insurance premium went up
The rising cost of healthcare is a big budget-buster for many families, and a lot of them fault the Affordable Care Act for straining their finances. But the controversial healthcare law appears to be getting far more blame than it deserves…Read more