4..What is Healthcare.gov

Healthcare.gov is a health insurance exchange website, which is operated by the federal government. It facilitates the sale of private insurance plans and provides information about subsidies to those people, who have an income less than four times the poverty line. The website also provides information about signing up for Medicaid to the eligible people. The website also has a marketplace for some small businesses. It was created to ensure that everybody should have a basic insurance as far as the health is concerned.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Health insurance marketplace by Healthcare.gov is a service to ensures that, people shop and enroll for those health policies, which are affordable for them. The marketplace is operated by federal government for most of the states, but some states also have their own marketplaces. The marketplace provide the services like health plan shopping to the people. It also provides the enrollment services. You can shop for a health plan and after selecting a suitable health plan, you can enroll yourself through the website.

There is also a marketplace for small businesses named as Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace. The employees of a small organization can be enrolled through that marketplace for insurance related to health.

While applying for health coverage for yourself or family, you have to provide your income and household information. After providing these information, you may qualify for Premium tax credits or Children’s Health Insurance Program. If you succeed to qualify for any of these benefits, your health coverage will become more affordable. While on Healthcare.gov you will find the option to select your state. There are some independent marketplaces in some states. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida also provides a set of insurance policies and enrollment services. Florida Blue is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The company serves the residents of state Florida and provides all service related to health care. The company provide services for the people to shop through a set of available health care policies in the marketplace and enrollment in an insurance policy. If you are on Healthcare.gov website and you live in a state that runs it’s own marketplace, then the website will redirect you to your state’s marketplace website.