Getting health insurance quotes from us is pretty easy.  We will make sure that the quotes you get back are for the medical insurance policies you want. It’s tempting just to look at the “bottom line” of the quote, but the problem is that the price you get back on the quote isn’t actually the bottom line. In order for us to calculate the bottom line, you have to have an estimate of how much you expect to spend on healthcare for the year, as well as other information from the quote that will help you to disseminate the actual bottom-line cost.

While the main number you get back on your health insurance quotes isn’t the bottom line on its own, it still contributes to the bottom line. This number is most likely your monthly premium, the amount of money you pay every month in order to keep your policy current. You get what you pay for when it comes to medical insurance, and if your premium is low, then chances are good that your coverage probably isn’t the best. But if you’re relatively healthy, this might be a risk you’re willing to take.

Another number you want to pay attention to on your health insurance quotes is the deductible amount. This amount basically outlines how much you have to pay for medical care out of your own pocket before your insurance “kicks in.” You may have to pay a higher premium for medical insurance with a lower deductible, but if you know that you’d have to spend more than the deductible amount in a year anyway, the math just might work out in your favor. We are experts in finding that balance between deductible and premium.

We’ve considered the deductible and premium, but there’s one last amount you may want to consider: co-pay. Many health insurance quotes will tell you what your co-pay will be for common medical treatment such as physicals, doctor visits, and prescription drugs. You pay a portion of it, and insurance covers the rest. The portion you pay is also applicable to your deductible amount, but because your medical insurance is already covering a portion of your doctor visit, for example, it might take you longer than you expected to meet your deductible. Now that you know what to look for, we’ll help you can make a wiser decision.