In days of old when men were bold they lost their teeth before they reached 30, if they reached 30.  Thats because they didn’t know about brushing, and flossing and eating green vegetables.  Some Heath Plans will pay towards getting your teeth cleaned twice a year but you should really think about having a separate dental policy for your teeth.  High Deductible Health Plans do not exist in the world of dental insurance.  Most deductibles are around $50.  Health Insurance Quotes are also more expensive than the premiums for dental plans.  A good plan averages around $25 a month per person.  Senior health plans do not cover teeth at all.  Just as your body needs more TLC as you grow older, so do your teeth.

Our teeth do some things for us that are hard to miss.  They give us beautiful smiles.  Talking would be almost impossible without teeth.  Our teeth help to give shape to our faces.  Chewing is what starts the process of digesting food.  When things start to go wrong with our teeth by the time we notice it or feel it, the situation is already out of control.  The first step in taking care of your teeth is to have them cleaned at least every six months.  The dental hygie nist will remove plaque and tarter with specialized equipment for doing just that.  They can also offer tips and suggestions for keeping your teeth healthy.  Going to the dentist regularly will help you to avoid high risk dental infections.  Cavities are painful and can also be potentially very dangerous.  An infection can spread to your bloodstream, for example, leading to septicemia.  Septicemia is the presence of bacteria in the blood and is associated with severe infections.

For those of you who are terrified of going to the dentist Blende Dental Group has some great information on sedation and sleep dentistry. “The latest trend in the field of dentistry is the use of sedation to better enable some patients to receive dental treatment. This is a great development for patients and dentists alike: people who may not have otherwise received care can get care, and dentists are able to provide care more easily.  But with hundreds of dentists now advertising Sedation and Sleep Dentistry, many people have questions.”

Click on the link above to learn about sedation and sleep dentistry.  It just might help you to take better care of your beautiful smile.  Think a dental plan would be just right for you?  Please give us a call at Insurance Medics and we will fix you right up.