When you find yourself in the market for new individual health insurance coverage, you’ll need to start comparing your options. The right type of coverage will depend on several factors, including your budget, lifestyle, and healthcare needs. If you are young, single, and healthy, for example, you can look for health insurance plans that offer minimal coverage. Although you’ll still want coverage for doctor’s visits, prescription medications, and emergency care, you don’t need to look at more extensive health plans. The best Health Insurance Quotes in this case will be for basic managed care plans or fee-for-service options.

However, if you have any preexisting health conditions, are a smoker, or are older, you’ll need more extensive coverage. Again, managed health care plans can be a popular option for individuals. Although they offer less freedom of choice when it comes to choosing providers, you will find that the overall costs are lower and the care is fairly comprehensive. Preferred provider organizations are another good option for individuals. The first step towards finding the best plan for your needs is to request Health Insurance Quotes and start lining them up to find out what your options are. Whether you need gap coverage in between jobs or a long-term plan, you may find something that is tailor-made for you.