Did you know that if you are overweight by just ten pounds it could cost you more than just not looking great at the beach?  Health Plans may increase your Health Insurance Premiums by 25% for “build”.   A $200 monthly premium could rise to $245 per month.  Over a year that equals $540 in extra Health Premiums.  If that extra $45 throws off your budget you might have to change your plan to a High Deductible Health Plan just to keep the monthly health premiums down.  If you had to go to a $5000 deductible from a $250 deductible that’s $4750 dollars more you would pay out of pocket if you were hospitalized.  I don’t know about you but it seems that I always need to lose ten pounds no matter what I weigh.  That may have more to do with the American culture.  That being said it may be easier to take off ten than you think.

Dr Oz. has five rules to lose ten pounds without changing what you eat.  He has a program called “Just 10 Pounds”.  Dr. Oz says that so many Americans are obese because of:

  • High Fructose Syrup
  • Inactivity
  • Portion Control
  • Food used as a drug to cope

Dr. Oz’s 5 Rules are:

1.Cut out sugary soda

2.Do not eat anything after 8pm or stop eating three hours before bedtime.  People who eat late at night gain 19 more pounds than other people

3.Move 10 minutes a day

4.Don’t eat snacks larger than your fist.  Take out a portion and put it in a zip lock bag so you won’t be tempted to overeat…. and when it’s gone, it is over

5.Track what you weight daily.  This makes you accountable

There is also the belief that if you cut out 100 calories a day you will lose ten pounds in a year. Here are some suggestions from articlesbase.com to cut 100 calories a day:

  • •one can of soda
  • •eat only 2/3 of a bagel
  • •cut 1/4 off  your slice of pepperoni pizza
  • •skip the latte
  • •chew gum
  • •eat a few less bites
  • •eat only a few bites of dessert
  • •don’t go back for seconds
  • •eat a single patty burger instead of a two patty burger
  • •throw away eight McDonald’s French fries

Remember that there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.  Thus, by trimming just 100 calories per day, you can lose a little over 10 pounds during the upcoming year.  (365 days x 100 calories/day = 10.48 lbs.).  Good luck!